Honey Bane is born in London.


At the age of just 14, Honey embarked on her musical career, forming the band, Fatal Microbes.

The band release their first and only EP, Violence Grows, which garners much attention for Honey.

The EP is released on Small Wonder Records.  Listen to Violence Grows


Honey attracts the attention of Crass who release her EP on their label.  For this release Crass take on the alias, Donna and the Kebabs and the legendary “You Can Be You” 3 track EP is released giving Honey a firm following of fans.

The “You Can Be You” EP, is the first record not to be credited to Crass for their label. Listen to the EP

Honey is featured in NME magazine.


Honey releases her new single, Guilty, on her own label, Honey Bane Records.

Listen to dub version of Guilty


Honey meets Sham 69 front man

Jimmy Pursey who becomes her manager.

Honey records a 6 track EP with her new band, Allies, but it remains unreleased as EMI are only interested in Honey continuing as a solo act.

Honey is signed to EMI/Zonophone records.

The Pursey produced ‘Turn Me On Turn Me Off’ is released and gives Honey a hit on the UK singles chart, peaking at #37

Honey duets with Angelic Upstarts’ Mensi, on the track ‘I Wish’ which is released on their  album, 2,00,00 Voices.

She also provides backing vocals, along with Peter Garbiel the Jimmy Pursey track, ‘Animals Have More Fun

A cover of The Supremes’ ‘Baby Love’ is released and peaks at #58 on the UK Singles chart.

Honey appears on Top Of The Tops to perform ‘Turn Me On Turn Me Off’.

Honey is on the covers of Sounds and Record Mirror magazines.

Honey releases another single, “Jimmy… (Listen to Me)”.

She turns to acting and plays “Joanna Downey” in the Granada daytime show Crown Court.

Honey appears on Tizwas.


Honey releases “Wish I Could Be Me”, produced by

Steve Levine renowned for his work with Culture Club. The single is a shift towards a more dance sound and sees the first 12” mix of one of Honey’s songs.

Honey becomes frustrated with the direction EMI is forcing her to follow musically.

Honey appears in Jangles as “Jane” and the TV advert for Treobor Mints and is cast in the film Scrubbers.


Honey releases her last single with EMI, “Dizzy Dreamers”, which sees her departing from the music scene and turning to acting.

The Mai Zetterling film, Scrubbers is released starring Honey as “Molly”. The film also features a young Kathy Burke, Robbie Coltrane, Miriam Hargoyles, Pam St. Clement, Chrissie Cotterill and Debby Bishop.

The film is a female slant on Alan Clarke’s Scum (1979)

Honey appears in the play, Demonstration of Affection by Chris Ward opposite Richard Jobson of The Skids at London's Arts Theatre

For the rest of the 80’s, Honey takes a break from stardom.


Honey releases her first single since “Dizzy Dreamers”, entitled “Downthing”.


Honey appears in Chris Ward’s film, What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor, a film about the life and times of Nina Hamnett, self-styled "Queen of Bohemia",  starring Siobhan Fahey.

Honey takes the role of “Cat Lady”, one of the Nina Hamnett’s lovers.


Honey releases her new album, Acceptance of Existence.

She prepares to embark on a tour in the summer with her band, Honey Bane and The Undone.

Preview the album


Honey starts recording the Acceptance Of Existence album with Micky Howard.

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